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Daily maintenance fee: $0
310 days
35 days
Daily maintenance fee: $0.15
Daily income: $0.44*
620 days
Daily maintenance fee: $1.62
Daily income: $2.63*
930 days
Daily maintenance fee: $2.05
Daily income: $9.63*
89.95 USD
About ECOS
ECOS is a major infrastructure project with its own data center in the Free Economic Zone (FEZ) in Armenia.

The Armenian Government on October 19, 2018 established Free Economic Zone together with ECOS, which was appointed to be the operator of FEZ.

The unique infrastructure of the Free Zone allows us to have 0 Profit TAX and 0 VAT which allows us to provide a super attractive prices for our customers!

We successfully finished construction of the infrastructure of the mining center using the latest equipment and technologies.

In February 2018 an agreement with one of the largest power plants in Armenia - Hrazdan Power Plant, was signed, for electricity supply with total capacity of 200 MW.

Since April 2018 we have been developing an End to End solution for the management, monitoring and maintenance of the Mining infrastructure which allows us to run a big scale Mining operations very efficiently!

We have a physical team supporting the Data Center 24/7
We are pleased to offer our services for our customers and partners!
Looking forward to be successful together with you!